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Baptism Symbol Praxis

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Out of the four primary symbols of baptism, water is the one that stimulates the most sacramental awareness in me. One day a few years ago I was eating fried chicken drenched in hot sauce, and I nearly overdosed on the heat. My mouth was scorching with the flames of hell, the pain I felt was so execrable that I couldn't even bear to speak. My mind was racing thinking of a way to end this suffering, until finally I dashed to the kitchen and placed my mouth on the faucet, and turned the cold water on at full force. In an instant the pain had evaporated and my mouth was once again at peace. I felt as if the water was a gift from god to bring me to salvation after all the suffering I had endured. Water was used as a primary sacrament in many scriptures in old and new testament, and was always was positive force on the lives of others. This was a very sacramental moment for me, because I never was a person of faith, but at this moment I knew there was someone looking over me, an omniscient force guiding me through my destiny. Before this water was just a common household item, that was available to anyone, I never considered it to be sacred, however after I thought about it I realized water isn't easily obtainable for everyone, there are million of people that go days without one drip of this wonderful element. Water is the center of all life, for not one being on this earth can live without it. I soon recognized how lucky I was to have such a wonderful creation at my disposal, and now the way I look at water will never be the same. To me water is the most sacred of the sacraments of baptism because of it's tremendous influence on people who are baptized an the world.



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