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Barangay of Gulod

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Essay Preview: Barangay of Gulod

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. The reason for the barangay officials not strictly implementing waste disposal is that some of the people do not give importance on this matter. I think that they are not aware of what will be the cause of their wrong doings such as flood.

Barangay officials do not make any programs or seminar about proper waste disposal. This seminar would help people in the community be aware of their wrong doings.

As i interviewed residents in our community. People know what is the consequence of not properly disposing their waste but does not care of the causes of this to their everyday lives. They clearly don't give importance to this matter.

5. I have concluded that people living in our community lack of awareness in proper disposal of waste.

Research Sketch

P1 -Description of the community

- how many years r u in the residence

I have stayed in my community for 8 years. I describe my community as a somehow developing community. As Barangay officials are taking some actions in constructing the roads, putting drainage in flooded areas and maintaining the lighting systems in the road to be working during night. Neighbors are seem to be nice with us. But some neighbors are naughty for being too noisy like when in night some of them sing in the karaoke that disturbs others when sleeping.

P2 observation i the community

(1 paragraph) when did you observe

As i had observed for the past years I notice that somehow there had been improvements that made our community better. Like good lighting in the road and tight security that roams around during the night as our street has been known long ago to be dangerous for the snatchers and akyat-bahay gang. There had been also improvements on the drainage for flood control. The one thing that has not been controlled or had no been solved is the waste disposal along the streets of our community. One of the main reasons for having scattered garbage anywhere is because of the vendors who sells street food everywhere. After people had finished eating what they had bought from the street food vendors, they do not throw their garbage in the trashcans. They are too ignorant for doing it right. In the end they don't know that these are the causes of the flood because of the blockage of garbage in the drainage. I want to inform this problem to our Captain Barangay in our community so that they could make actions to it.

P3 conduct a conversation with at least 1 resident. Describe what you talk about. Informed him the goal in your community. And informed what you want to recommend to your community.

In our conversation with my good friend that is my neighbor, he too noticed that



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