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Baroque and Classical Music Differences

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Baroque and Classical Music Differences

The Baroque Era describes the style of music between 1600 and 1750 (ThinkQuest, n.d.). During this time period, the music was characterized by music consisting of a succession of notes being formed in a distinctive sequence. The use of the basso continuo was a defining characteristic during the Baroque Era. The Classical Era only lasted 70 years from 1750 to 1820 (ThinkQuest, n.d.). The melodies were more compact and diatonic in music during the Classical Era. Sonata was used widely and a very important composition style used during this era.

While listening to Pachelbel's Canon in D Major; I found it was difficult to follow. This piece was intended to be fast. The violins can be heard and after listening, I could hear that it was being played in the same melody. The bass line provided the harmony and seemed to be independent. The orchestra seemed to be small because I could only distinguish hearing violins being played. Pachelbel's Canon in D Major included some peaceful melodies throughout the piece. As I listened to this, I felt a sense of relaxation and pleasure.

Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G Minor is a piece that has been heard and known for centuries and will probably continue to be known. The music goes from soft to high with various themes being used. Mozart's uses a classical orchestra that consisted of high and low strings and wind instruments (ThinkQuest, n.d.). The dynamics of this piece are quiet, loud and suddenly load. I enjoy this piece over any other from this era or any other era. The mood I get from listening to Symphony No. 40 in G Minor is anxiety.

After listening to a few Baroque pieces, it seems as though they used a much smaller orchestra. Baroque music are usually complexed elements while are usually praising God. Classical and Baroque music differ tremendoesly from modern music because of the advancments that were developed. Modern music use various instruments, but also depend on technology to enhance better music. I feel Baroque and Classical music tend to be more appealing to me. I feel these two eras prodeuced great music without needing any enhancements to make it better. The music seems more from the heart. Listening to the two different eras, I could feel different emotions and felt as though I was there when they were written.


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