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Basics of Decision Making

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Essay Preview: Basics of Decision Making

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Basics of Decision Making




As human beings, we face challenges in making choices from the various options we have in the environment. Guided by the circumstances that we encounter, people tend to make different decisions, some making more favorable decisions than the others. Several factors may determine how an individual makes his or her decisions; such conditions range from an individual’s background to the experiences they gain. My essay seeks to explain the basics of the decision-making process.

Contrary to many people’s opinion that decision-making process involves scientific methods, the process can be undertaken by anyone with the ability to learn about behavior; science is only for individuals who have experience in specific disciplines in society (Dijk, 2008). The three essential basics that affect decision-making process include inhibitors, inciters, and high principles. The basic factors are subdivided into positive and negative depending on their impact on decision-making practice, with high principles being the only positive perspective (Ullman, 2006). Self-control is a necessity for people who want to make necessary decisions that can impact positively in their conducts. Such people can control and limit forced decisions that are not of value to their lives through self-control and simulation. This way, affected individuals can deal with their antagonists by active participation and analytical listening (Xie, 2003).

Avoiding common mistakes that lead to poor or adverse decisions is possible by allowing enough time to look into situations and positively interpreting the circumstances, this would solve delicate situations that would interfere with humane situations (Husted, 2007). No matter the prevailing conditions, decision making has a vital role in giving the appropriate solutions that create positivity in thinking and therefore peace and harmony (Dijk, 2008). In case of the problems that we encounter for the first time, decision making can help in the application of the past best alternative solutions. It is, however, important for the individuals to be organized to discuss the proposed solutions to reach the best decisions during the brainstorming process (Rohrich, 2007). Ability to handle future problems as opportunities on to mitigate irritating information is another quality of a good decision maker (Dijk, 2008).

Some circumstances may require an immediate response. People rush into configuring the reasons why the problems exist; contrarily, decision making needs sharing the information and brainstorming over the causes so that permanent solutions can be found. The process that should be applied involves determining the problem without having to blame each other for its origin (Rohrich, 2007). It is not wrong to include third parties who might not be concerned with the process but falls within the same peer group so that they can give way forward from their experiences during problem analysis. However, positive thinking is the best tool for effective decisions. Xie goes ahead to warn of the possibility of confusion in handling urgent and important issues. According to him, problems should be solved based on their importance rather than their urgency to restore positivism perception of the individuals. Apart from personal matters, it is advisable to share with other people to get their experience and skills in making concrete decisions (Ullman, 2006).



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