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Battling Hunger

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Battling Hunger

        Year after year, our world seems to be sinking into an infinite dark age. Problems spread, blood flows, people die, and many more. Nevertheless, people never agree on the main source of such tragedies. Personally, I believe hunger is a huge problem we deal with today. Hunger related issues are the cause of 7.6 million death cases per year. Practically speaking, that is almost 8 million less future doctors, engineers, and teachers per year. In a world where a cup of rice is far way more precious than diamonds for some people, faith and hope fades away. People who face hunger blindly follow anyone who provides them with simple survival needs, no matter what his or her aim is. Ghandi once said, "There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread."

        Poverty not only affects a man’s health, but also affects us as a society. If a man is famished to the point that he sleeps with a rock tied to his stomach to stop an extreme feeling of pain, how is he supposed to be able to work and function properly the next morning? If a little boy is taught how to steal food to survive through his

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childhood, how dare we expect him to grow up and become an uncorrupt citizen? If a woman searches all day through the garbage in front of everyone just to find a piece of bread for her kids, where is her dignity supposed to go? Within the big irony we live in, some people are rarely able to eat a bit less or diet for more than a year. Can you imagine how much sorrow ones who have no choice but to stay hungry go through? What goes around comes back around; you, yourself, might be one of these victims one day. The real question is would you like to experience such agony?

        These are all a tiny fraction of a massive whole, a dot in a sea of the misery starvation can cause. Us, humans, sit and watch all this happening, yet, do nothing but Sympathize with a word, a tear, or maximum donate a certain amount of money to one of the internationally known associations. Later on, we condemn these helpless people for being the source of backwardness in our world. Actually, we are the reason for such thing. I guarantee you, if they were given a chance; they would have been thousand times better than you and I. They are people just like all of us with a potential, but lacking support.

        Eventually, many wonder why is it our business? Well, deprivation affects all of us as a nation. Lack of food can lead a population to politically and socially collapse in a blink due to the gap that forms between social classes. Destitution definitely leads to the spread of jealousy, hatred, and envy among people of the same blood. It is our responsibility to make them feel valued and respected, for they need such reverence more than financial aid. In other words, they require empathy more than sympathy. We should provide them with clean water to cultivate their lands, and to protect them from



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