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Being American Means a Lot - Bravery

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Essay Preview: Being American Means a Lot - Bravery

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Andy knowles

English 2A



Being American means sometimes people abhor and others want to be an American. The ones who abhor America, hate Americans, because they truly want to be Americans. But being an American means a lot. The first thing is bravery. Bravery is because of all those brave men and women who fight for Americans to live here. If it wasn't for them somebody could have taken over and America would not have freedom today. The founding fathers had to be brave to make America a great country. They worked hard to put this country together, even with all the attacks from Great Britain. Bravery is something I need to integrate into my life, so in the future I can stand for what is right. That can make me a leader in years to come.

Bravery is important because without bravery people wouldn't have the courage to stand up for what's right. The dictionary definition for bravery is "brave spirit or conduct; courage; valor". But there's so much more to bravery than just that definition. Bravery is something people all have inside them; they just have to dig for and sometimes that might be hard, but in the end it's worth it to dig for it. Americans can have the courage to say things and do things that they think are right. The things people can do when they hit the treasure box of bravery could be amazing, because they will be able to do colossal things like our founding fathers did.

The founding fathers were very heroic to do what they did. George Washington had to be brave. He fought for America's rights to get away from Great Britain so America could live a fabulous life. Then he became America's first President of the United States and to be the first president would intimidating. In George Washington's life time they were going against, maybe one of the greatest armies in the world at that time. Then the Founding Fathers had to be brave to sign the Declaration of Independents. The Declaration of Independents was a important part of this nation becoming a nation. Our founding fathers put their own lives on the line and That's really brave of them to do that. They didn't know what was going to happen, but they believed that they could get out from underneath of there big brother and make their own nation. They had to put bravery into practice in their lives so they could do what was necessary to make our nation great.

When I think of putting bravery into my life it would be like a big blender and I would have to blend very thing into my life that I wanted to be and when I blend bravery into my life that means after, I need to stand for what I belief in and sometimes that means I can't agree with people just to make them happy.



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