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Bell Canada’s – Crm Implementation

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Essay Preview: Bell Canada’s – Crm Implementation

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CRM implementation would benefit company, which has clear idea of its business process in the early stage of implementation. The company must understand business needs before implementing CRM and get the message to everyone in the organization about the importance of CRM.

Bell Canada’s – CRM Implementation

Bell Canada is one of the Canada’s largest communications company, has 28 million customer connections, and provides some of the most comprehensive communication services. Bell Canada provides customers’ communication requirements like the telephone, internet, wireless, voice over IP and digital television. It also provides information and technology for communications from small to top business within the Canadian region and beyond. With growth in customer needs, it is trying to move the existing process into single bill. The present business process and methods did not meet its business needs. With growing customer needs and existing system has created more increase in workload for the employees that led to decrease in employee satisfaction. BELL wants to integrate its front and back operations to integrate that cannot be done with the existence system.

Bell Canada implemented benefits for 200+ users in 2 months initially and the staff was trained to use this multi language system. Therefore, staff can deal with multi lingual customers and customer data. The important elements deployed in the implementation were speed, data integration, easy usage, and increased efficient reporting capabilities.

Its successful implementation of CRM saw god results in just 2 months. The result was increased and better customer service from employees. It achieved internal efficiency within the organization. The flexibility and customization traits of CRM enabled a reduction in the total case volume. The ease of usage and its adaptability resulted in an increase in the integration of data between the systems. The CRM implementation here required less time and done with little effort. The organization was able to acquire the business requirements it needed so much. Bell Canada employed right practices prior, during and after the CRM implementation and achieved success from its CRM system.

Canon- CRM Implementation

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation specialized in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers, and medical equipment. It develops new technologies in order to improve the working environment as well as the products themselves. Canon Inc. allots approximately 10% of its sales to R&D every year. Its R&D divisions throughout the world are dedicated to developing products and solutions for customers worldwide.

Canon struggled with sales of its products in the recession period. It was need of customer database that can be made available to sales persons to achieve sales. However, individual sale of products does not reach over all sales. The customer information was maintained in a poorly manner.

Canon decided to install Siebel CRM. The call center CRM strategy was adopted in order to understand customer’s need and behavior and build strong relation. The result was that information that was stored for a period of 15 years was used to achieve customer satisfaction. Siebel CRM technology helped Canon in three areas call center, sales and service. Due to the success of CRM Canon now have 2200 users



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