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Bible and Faith

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Every book in the Bible shows us how to live a faithful life. The books show us how different faith can be for every person. Faith can show through the little everyday things and through the big miracles. God gave the bible to us to help us with our faith. Every book big or small is able to tell us something new about faith.

To start with in the Pentateuch the books genesis God creates the earth. Because of human sin evil enters the earth. Adam and Eve were tempted by the devil to eat the forbidden fruit. God then punishes the by making them leave the Garden of Eden. God still love Adam and Eve but they had to suffer consequences of sin. God always will love and accept you back no matter what. This is like the cycle of redemption. God's people will disobey him and they have to suffer because of it but God is always there and he never abandons his people. Also in Genesis the story of Noah and his ark shows that good things happen to you if you have strong faith. Because of Noah's strong faith he knew that he had to build an ark. God rewarded Noah for being faithful to him.

Next, in the historical books the books of Kings, tells of a man named Solomon. Solomon prayed that he could have wisdom. Solomon was confronted with two women claiming that a single baby was theirs. Solomon then said fine you can both have the baby just cut him in half. Solomon knew the real mother would not let her child be cut in half and then one woman said no he knew that she was the real mother. Solomon also builds a temple. Even though Solomon was a very wise man he had faults. Solomon had too many foreign wives who brought foreign gods into Jerusalem. This story shows how people with faults can do good things and God uses each and every person in a different way. Even the people who seem "perfect" have faults.

In the prophetic books there is a story of a man named Hosea. Hosea married a prostitute which symbolizes Gods relationship with the Israelites. Hosea's wife was only supposed to have one husband but she was unfaithful. The Israelites were only supposed to have one God but instead they kept going back to worshiping other false gods. Hosea and his wife had three children. They named them "Jezreel"( a battlefield), "Not Pitied," and "Not My People" to warn the people of Gods Judgment. This story is just like the cycle of redemption. Hosea's wife was unfaithful to him so they had some time apart. Hosea ended up taking his wife back because he did love her. The same is for the Israelites. The Israelites worshiped false gods, but God always accepted his people back.

Finally in the story of Job, Job goes through a series of tests to see if he will remain faithful. Job was a very faithful man because of this God blessed him. Satan then said to God that if Job was no longer blessed he would not remain faithful. God knew that Job would stay faithful so he let Satan test Job as



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