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Biblical Faith

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Well done Carol! +50/50 A+!

I interviewed three friends with three completely different worldview and beliefs. The first person I interviewed was my brother, who presented a Christian worldview, similar to mine. After him, I interviewed my tennis doubles partner, an old friend that I have known for years, and had no idea she had a worldview that tries to conciliate Creation and Evolution. The last person I interviewed was a friend that went to high school with me, and his worldview is not centered in God at all. This survey was a great experience for me, and I grew up a lot working on it.

My brother said that the days in Genesis 1 correspond to 24 hours, just like our regular days from today. According to him, the Bible is clear in this aspect, and does not leave room to doubts about it. He said world and life is thousands of years old. God created us not millions or billions of years ago, but he was not positive about how many thousand years. Also, he does not believe man and apes share a common ancestor, since the Bible teaches us that God created the man and the apes separately. Finally, he believe Eve and Adam were real people, and the first two human beings created by God. I agree with all his answers, and we have a similar Biblical worldview.

My tennis doubles partner, Mary said the days from Genesis actually represent millions of years, therefore Creation of animals happened millions or billions of years after the creation of the Universe, and the appearance of man happened millions or billions of years after the appearance of animals. According to this believe Earth is millions or billions of years old, because this would make more sense to give more time to random mutations and evolution until man become very different from a simple cell. She believe man and apes have a common ancestor, that God created only simple conditions for evolution, but did not created man and apes in two different processes. Thus, she does not believe in Eve and Adam as real people, she thinks they are just part of a history that teaches us how to respect and fear God.

I would respond Mary questioning her about her beliefs. Through her answers, I can tell that she wanted to believe in creation, but she was taught something different. She can see God acting in the world, and his evidences in our world. That is basically why she tries to conciliate two worldviews that cannot exist together. Although she thinks God exists, she was forced to accept the evolution theory because of what everyone she is around tells her. If I spend some time sharing the Gospel with her and the Creation science, I think she will be able to see that there is not wrong about believing in God as the creator of the Earth, without trying to conciliate this with the Evolution theory.

The last person I interviewed was my High School old friend, Herman. He is a reformist Jewish boy. Although his relatives and rabbis taught him about how God created the Earth in the Old Testament, he does not actually believe in it. For him, the days in Genesis represent only one real day, but this does not represent what actually happen. He believes the Earth was not created at any point: "it is just an everlasting place that was never created, and our human minds are too limited to understand this concept." Thus, world and life are very old, forever old. He believes God's stories in the Old Testament are important because of the tradition. Jewish tradition is his way of feeling connected with all his ancestors, because he thinks who his great grandfather was affects on who he is. He said that



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