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Bike or Car

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having a car in Savannah, can be very comfortable and time saving. However having a bike

can be much more cheaper, safer, easier and ecological.

many people can argue, that a car, can take you further than a bike can. However Savannah is

small enough for a bike, it only takes you about five minutes to get anywhere around the historic

center of Savannah. Having no problems at all parking your bike; while trying to park a car in the

historic center can take you more than a while. In addition of having to look for a place to park your

car, once you find the right place; you must pay for every minute you park your car there. While

the process of parking your bike wont give you any problems at all.

It is true that on comparison to a car, you need to get a safe lock to park a bike, in order for it to be

safe. And still wont it wont be very safe from being stolen. In the other hand, a car is always very safe

from being stolen. You can park it anywhere and you can be sure the car will be safe. Bikes get stolen

in Savannah all the time; while stealing a car is a worst crime than stealing a bike. Just the fact of

having a car can be a big responsibility.

Having a car is something to think about, It can be safe from being stolen; But it can be dangerous for

the people around. people gets killed all the time by unresponsive drunk drivers.

Drinking and driving it's a serious thing, that can get you in jail for a long time.

Accidents happen, you might just have one or two drinks one night and that would be enough to slow

down your motor skills. Riding a bike while drunk is another story; the worst thing that can happen is

you end up crashing with a tree. Nevertheless you can't go too fast on a bike. So you wont ever crash

as bad as you would crash driving a car. And there is no danger you can go to jail for killing someone

else than yourself on your bike. A car can be a lethal weapon a bike can't. There is no doubt that

having a bike is much more friendly to your surroundings.

A bike is so much more ecological,



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