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Bilingualism in Education

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Bilingualism in Education

Bilingualism is being able to speak and communicate in two different languages. Bilingual in education is defining as two different languages in the classroom. Toddler and preschool years are the best years to introduce bilingual languages it is easier to learn. Children who has bilingual spoke in their homes or get education will learn both languages faster. It is normal for bilingualism throughout most of the world for children and adults. Immigrants entering U.S. their priority is to learn English as soon as possible. Back in the 2000's most immigrants continued their native languages at home. In this multilingual nation it is an advantage to bilingual children.

There are many benefits from speaking more than one language at a young age. Bilingualism has a positive effect on children's intelligence and helps with a child's mental development, flexibility in thinking, sensitivity to language and an ear for listening. Bilingual education contributes to classification skills, reasoning, visual skills. Bilingual persons who speak two languages would have great story-telling knowledge. Knowing two languages raises the bar on a child's social skills. Having these skills of two languages will truly broaden a child's horizon in different cultures. Being able to communicate with other people of different cultures helps develop and build relationships. *Using or able to use two languages, especially with equal or nearly equal fluency.

* Using two languages in some proportion in order to facilitate learning by students who have a native proficiency in one language and are acquiring proficiency in the other: bilingual training; bilingual education

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