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Bill of Rights

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The Constitution is a republic and not a true democracy. It is what the founding fathers wanted because it is redundant to elect someone to represent you, the people, and then basically vote either for or against that representative. And in truth, yes people can judge for themselves but as a majority people are idiots but as an individual one is smart. Although an individual can be misguided or deceived by others, those a part of a group will vote for a cause they do not feel for in order to be accepted by others in the group. By giving citizens much more control over crucial decision making processes such as bills and laws it would allow some important aspect that would be protective or needed of our country not going into effect since citizens may not be fully aware of the future or current impact of the bill being reviewed. Giving citizens this kind of power could result in major mistakes and setbacks due to many citizens not knowing enough about the government process or how the laws and regulations work like professionals in the field may know. People might also want to utilize this chance to further take over the governmental process of our nation resulting in a governmental overthrow or even cause anarchy. Most of the initiatives that would pass due to this amendment would only pass because they sound like they would do some good for the country, but there highly would be any person out there wanting to actually read the bill before voting it in causing various negative outcomes.



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