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Billcutterz.Com Strategic Managment

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Essay Preview: Billcutterz.Com Strategic Managment

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Case Study of BillCutterz.com

Name:Kiran Kumar Reddy Raya



Billcutterz.com was founded by Barry Gross who then became the president of this company. He has brought a significant contribution to have the company attain the status that it has at the moment. The manager has been able to come up with competitive strategies that have helped the company grow into a financially independent institution. Rising a company from its bud stage to stable financial entity is usually not a mean feat; Bary has been the focal force behind the stability of Billcutterz.com. The company started off as an idea to have the customer bills negotiated on their behalf. This was something that did not receive good reception in the market, but with the dedicated efforts of the strategists of the company, they have managed to bring it to the position that it is in today. The idea behind Billcutterz.com is to have the company agents bargain better prices for clients over the online merchandise platforms. The selling point of this company has been the way it has helped customers save millions of dollars on their purchases each year. The word of mouth recommendation that the customers make has been a critical promotion component that has seen the customer base if the company improve in a great deal. Billcutterz.com has been able to reduce the bills of clients to a surprising 50 percent reduction.

The company started off simply as a mortgage negotiator and moved on to capture more commodities and services. The rapid growth in technology and rise in the e-commerce activities presented an opportunity for the company to take on the negotiation of bills on behalf of customers over this platforms. During one of his birthday celebrations, Gross dared to explain how Billcutterz.com would help to customers cut their bills that they were being charged on different commodities. That statement alone caused a wave in the market. Afterwards, the company registered a tremendous increase in the number of new subscribers in the company. The new customers had believed in the idea after the explanation from the CEO. The company has experienced constant growth over the past few years and has now turned into a multi-billion entity.

The strong belief that Bary has in his mission is what has significantly transformed the operations of the company to the current state. The crucial skills in negotiation, sales, and marketing that Bary possesses have been instrumental in the training sessions with his employees. Having a dedicated team which is committed to achieving the company goals is something that he has been cultivating. Being in the service industry, he has understood the power of having a proactive team that is ready to meet the needs of the customers. In the year 2013 for instance, the company managed a gross profit margin of 64 percent.

The exposure of the company through the media activities led it into a challenge. The new subscription of customers was massive such that it could not handle the rising customer inflow. The focus on the operational framework only barred Bary from coming up with strategic plans that would see the company handle a growing customer portfolio. The company at that point needed a smart strategic formula that would see it attain the capacity to handle the exponential growth that it was experiencing. The company needed a strong business continuity plan that would help to sustain the subscribers that it had brought on board. This called for a dedicated effort from all of the company’s stakeholders.

Billcutterz.com has some important strengths as well some weaknesses that are impacting its progress. The strong management team is a strength that has aided the company maintains its position in the marketplace. This company also enjoys customer loyalty that has been brought about by the strong brand name that it has established. The exceptional value that it provides to its customers has kept attracting more and more customers. Despite charging relatively high prices for its services, the company has continuously attracted significant clientele. Another important strength of this company is the economies of scale that it enjoys from large clientele base that it has. As such, it can capitalize on this resource to venture into new markets as well as new service lines. The ability to innovate quickly and roll out new services is also another critical strength for the company. Billcutterz.com is in a position to lock in its clientele by introducing other complementary services that the customers are likely to use.



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