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Directions: Please provide DETAILED type written responses to five questions: three questions from section 1 and two questions from section 2. Each response will be evaluated on a scale of 0-10 (Total points available: 50)

Answers will be sent to Professor Labedz's Blackboard messaging account (not to the email address found on the course syllabus) no later than 5PM on SUNDAY, 31 JULY 2011 as a Microsoft Word attachment or as text within the message. DO NOT PLAGARIZE. YOU WILL FAIL THE COURSE IF YOU PLAGARIZE ON THIS EXAM.

Section 1: Answer THREE of the following questions:

1) Where do people get their opinions about politics, and what are the forces that shape those opinions? Children are without a doubt influenced by their parents and friends opinions, whom their opinions are based upon their parents'when it comes to their outlook on politics. It's a never-ending cycle. There's no debate that the general public gets the majority of their opinions about politics from the media, particularly, our news stations. CNN, MSNBC, and FOX are a few of the news channels that focus mainly on politics. The media will broadcast solely what will draw in the majority of public attention, to pike interest levels. This driving force can be good and bad, because not all political topics are treated as equals.

2) How do interest groups influence public policy?

3) How have the role and place of political parties in American politics changed during the past two centuries?

4) What role have minor parties, often called third parties, played in American history?

5) How does the campaign for the presidency differ from campaigns for other offices that are less visible, powerful, and prestigious? There are three recognizable differences among presidential campaigns and other lesser offices, including time, attention, and cost. Presidential campaigns can sometimes take up to two years. It's important for them to plan and campaign for a great length of time, to receive full national attention. On that note, the presidential campaigns are watched much more closely than other office campaigns, and therefore whomever is running for office must be sure not to do something the public will scrutinize. The cost of presidential elections is the most prominent of differences among this campaign and other office campaigns. It's important for those running for presidential office to have large amounts of money to be positively recognized due to the time spent and national level of their campaign.

Section 2: Answer TWO of the following questions:

6) Many Americans praise the president when the economy is healthy and blame him when the economy is unhealthy.



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