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Blom Bank Case Study

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Essay Preview: Blom Bank Case Study

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Having been founded in 1951 and gone through political confronts until 1970, BLOM Bank has experienced adverse growth clinging to the top position as the best bank in the Lebanese Republic in both deposit and assets. This has made it expand internationally in both Europeans and Arabic countries operating in more than 12 countries.

The HR department plays a greater role in the recruitments of employees through use oracle –based HRM software by considering CVs that have been applied through corporate websites under certain recommendations. Corporate assessment is based on testing and assessment tools rather than centers giving it an exemption factor with other corporates in Lebanon. To improve employees’ competence and make them competitive, the company offers training to new employees and runs two programs to help employees climb up to the career ladder. However, the company faces the challenge of building a cultural acceptance and openness to its employees since the concept human resource management is still a new topic in Arabic countries through the corporate is trying level best to work on it. To ensure the safety of employees in both Lebanon and in MENA region, corporate has instilled safety measure in these regions

BLOM HR managers can apply different strategies to identify potential talents so as to reach out candidates who are suitable for the job. The company can use the campus recruitments, where it finds inexperienced candidates from educational institutions through the formation of longtime corporations with the institutions. Unfortunately, these candidates always have the similar knowledge and backgrounds. Secondly, the BOLM can use the recruitment forms either the employment agencies in case of the semi-skilled professions or Executive search firms which focuses on the professional openings and usually carry out the complete recruitment process (Casio, 2018). Thirdly the department can deploy Headhunting where it gives a headhunter assignment to find particular candidates with certain skills that is successful at that specific moment (Pias et al., 2017). Other sources the bank can deploy for this exercise would factor like government agencies, professional associations trade unions, social media, and employment exchange with other companies.

Other than work experience and education background, BOLM can apply some more criteria which can make the process more efficient. First, candidates’ aptitudes and suitability should be deployed. This will help the selection board to consider mastery of skills: how confident, well-versed and authoritative a company is, the candidate's teamwork: is the company is disposable to working with other others? Candidates communication skills: will he be able to interact with others, beliefs, knowledge, and conveyance of the opinions, and finally will be able to outline commitment. Secondly, the board needs to any interview performance. This will involve language proficiency particular in Maltese and English.

In my opinion, yes, Arabs companies select potential and talented for these positions. According to g to Abdallah s. Jumah chief presidents and CEO of Saudi Aramco outlines that the best employees to select are those who have performance capabilities, are conversant with the legal obligation of the companies, employees who are reliable, versatile and flexible.

To improve employees to become the companies’ tomorrow executives, due to changing work nature and the war of talent wages, BLOM needs to invest in foundational leadership development in all levels of the organization starting from the freshly graduated trannies to senior managers.  To make this a reality, first, the bank needs to foster a culture of learning. This will make employees develop skills needed.  This will be done through providing well-structured programs that ensure that employees get effective early starts on the developing skills.  Secondly, HR can ensure that employees’ data for career development is effectively harnessed.  This will enable identify the top performers, analyze what makes them be successful and apply this knowledge to improve everything from this particular personalized career path to recruiting practices (Adams, 2014).

Different training techniques can be applied to ensure that employees are competent. The corporate can apply classroom training approach where instructor-led training banks facilitated by subject matter experts.  It creates an effective interaction between learners and facilitators. BLOM can also use the interactive approach where the trainee takes the role of the expert.  The instructor does not need to always be subject matter expert. These activities will include brainstorming, case studies simulations, and group discussion. Computer-based tanning comes with a fully packaged module that has multimedia learning materials with videos, audios, and text. This will make it easy for slow learner, accommodate more employees and will allow employees to learn their own improving more retention and develop better skills (Selberman, 2015).

By using data corrected from employees surveys, and the correlation analysis, managers are in a position to factors and to what extent they will influence employees’ commitment (Davis et al., 2014). First, the company needs to have clear objectives. Clear goals will make employees make a betters day to day decision at work. This enables employees to have a deep understanding of the collective objective hence being a position to contribute accordingly. This will make employees cooperate, reduce time and resources wastage and bearing on the companies big picture. To make this clear, BLOM  managers need to 1)think about the companies positive contributions to the society and how benefiting the society reciprocates to employees livelihood in the company, 2)ensure that the top management have a clear understanding of these goals and they regularly communicate them to the employees both externally and internally,3)each team interprets the main goals to come up with their own objectives that are aligned with each other and, 4) the company communicates regularly on the progress and outline whether that objectives are attained or not. Secondly, the company needs to ensure that employees gain energy from work. This will make employees feel proud of them and enjoy doing their own work. This makes them more productive, have a better teamwork and have positive development strategy. To make employees gain energy from tier work, managers should: 1)ensure perfect employee versus work match, 2) pay more attention towards employee development, 2) have close discussion on frustrations encountered by the  employees and give them a challenge to come up with the  best solution and, 3)  ensuring  that the working condition is good. Thirdly, managers need to ensure that employees feel fit-n.  This aspect will grow bond and commitment to the organization. This makes employees feel at home, apply more effort and remain in the organization for long. To achieve this, managers opt to 1) make sure corporate identity is clear to employees, 2) share experiences with the employees so as to reinforce the feeling of belonging and 3) incorporate employees to the company decision making. Finally, the company needs to challenge the working environment. This comes with: 1) giving instructive regular feedbacks about improvements opportunities, 2) discussing the appraisal and performance interviews explicitly and 3) ensuring that employees are given responsibilities to other areas making them feel a welcomed challenge to another.



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