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Box Jellyfish

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The box jellyfish genius and species is chironex feckeri. Their domain is eukaryote, their kingdom is animalia and their phylum is cnidarian, class is cubozoa, but interesting fact about the box jellyfish is that they belong to seven families but under two orders the orders are carybdeida and chirodropida the families under the carybdeida are alatinidae, carukiidae, tamoyidae, tripedaliidae and the two under the chirodropida are chirodropidae and chropsalmidae.

When people talk about jellyfish most people will say or think about the jellyfish from SpongeBob unless you're a scientists but when you're a kid watching SpongeBob you laugh when SpongeBob or Patrick get stung by jellyfish but when you get older you start to think do they get stung and does it happen to humans. People don't know the good side of the box jellyfish all people see and say that they are really pretty but there's more to them.

In 1975 a man name Werner founded the box jellyfish, the reason they are called box jellyfish is because of their box like bells and has four distinct sides. Box Jellyfish belong to the Cubozoa but the box jellyfish are not a true jellyfish, but they do show similar characteristics. Box jellyfish show up around Australia, when in fact Australians refer to them as "Chironex fleckeri", which means that they are the largest box jellyfish species but they are not all poisonous. The other kind of species that is known to cause deaths is the Carukia barnesi, mostly known as Irukandi. The Irukandji are a tiny jellyfish, which is about thumbnail size. Box jellyfish are transparent and pale blue in color, which makes them invisible in the water. For the longest nobody knew what was causing swimmers so much pain and sometimes killed the swimmers. Box jellyfish propels itself forward like a jet like motion. They can also see they have clusters of eyes on each side of the box some of the eyes are sophisticated with a lens and cornea. Their speed and vision leads some researchers to believe that box jellyfish hunt their prey. The box jellyfish venom is different from the venom of any other jellyfish.

The habitat of box jellyfish is found in the tropical oceans around northern Australia. The habitat extends as far south as Exmouth on the west coast. Box jellyfish likes to hang around river mouths, especially after rain. What they don't like are deep water and rough seas, they are also absent over coral reefs, and over areas that lots of seagrass or weed. In late summer the adult jellyfish migrate to the river mouths. The eggs, once fertilized, turn into tiny polyps that attach themselves to rocks where they don't develop until next spring. Box jellyfish eat small fish and crustaceans, the reason they have potent venom is because they are small and by the time they think they can eat the shrimp the jellyfish is dead.

The sting of a box jellyfish is severing damage due to its effect on the heart,



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