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Bridge to Terabithia

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The book I read this summer was Bridge To Terabithia.. The book was interesting and had many main ideas. The setting of my story takes place in the present, and it is at Lark Creek.

There, my main characters of my story Leslie Burke and Jesse Oliver Aarons Jr. Found the imaginary world of Terabithia . Leslie Burke has a jagggedy brown hair cut and dresses sort of in boys clothing. Leslie is a girl who has a big imagination and keeps her mind wide open when beautiful things happen. Jesse Aarons is the fastest runner in the fifth grade. He is 10 years old and long legged. Jesse has a straw colored hair flapped hard against his fore head. Jesse loves to draw, but it is mostly unusual animals like hippopotamus. One theme of my story is about Leslie Burke and Jesse Aarons making and conquering the majestic world of Terabithia. The other theme of my story is Jesse and Leslie surviving school with the evil and dark Janice Avery. She the meanest 8th grader in the school. The theme of my story is about Jesse Aarons meeting Leslie Burke and how they found Terabithia. To them it is not just a fairytale it is home. The plot of my story is how Leslie and Jesse discovered Terabithia. The conflict is when Leslie Burke came to Lark Creek as a student. That is where doors opened for Jesse. The climax is when Leslie and Jesse swung over to the other side of the forest on a rope. The resolution was Terabithia was now conqured by to good friends and two different worlds were changed forever.



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