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Britsh Imerialsimist

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During the nineteenth century European nations extended their influence to other parts of the world, historians have believed different ideas about the major cause in imperialism; nationalistic imperialism, religious missionaries zeal, strategic protection for national interests and new technology but the more obvious reason for Britain's imperialism is global capitalism. The desire for profit from the resources of these overseas territories and the economic benefits colonizing these regions were major factors in the growth of British imperialism.

Imperialism is caused by the desire for new markets for European manufactured good. Nations searched for raw materials common examples are: cotton, gold, coal, tin, copper, and eventually oil. In search for cheap and profitable labor the British commonly used Indian laborers growing cotton and opium and the demand for cheap and profitable land and high market value goods like coffee, chocolate, tea and bananas or a.k.a. capitalism.

. There were 2 groups of participants in the trade British elites were wealthy, powerful and educated people who noted the vast amount of profit in non western territories if they acquired them , and businessmen (many residing in London) the main participants in the expansion of the British Empire and profited the most from it. British imperialism used the taxes of the middle class to help finance the colonization of non-western territories, but the profits made from these territories often went into the pockets of individual investors. The British government, consisting mostly of elites, favored imperialism; they allowed individual investors to seek profits from imperialism, if imperialism was found unprofitable the major investments would discontinue, but this failed to happen in the major territories like India. The empire used the taxes to extract goods and raw materials for profit from areas like India, Australia, Malaya and a huge part of Africa. The was beneficial for several reasons a surplus of raw materials allows the cost of manufacturing and industrialization low and increases prosperity and a large amount of land under your control gives you more regions to expand your marketable goods. Colonization also meant less competition for the dominant country making more of the regions goods exportable to them.



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