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Business Process Automation

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Using Business Process Automation, the process of grading student participation in tutorials can be improved greatly. Using Business Process Automation will not affect or change the current system too heavily, rather it will just improve the efficiency of the grading process. The current system involves handing in a physical copy of the homework and also keeping track of which students participated in the class. This is an effective way of grading students and tracking their preparation, however it could be improved using technology, making the overall process more efficient.

To gather the requirements, we would need to conduct a problem analysis. This involves asking students to identify problems with the current system. This could be achieved by handing out surveys in class and online to gather students’ thoughts about what the main problems of the system are. This survey would also include questions about how they would solve these problems they have identified, to give us a better idea of the areas we need to focus on improving to make the process more efficient. An alternative to the survey could be asking tutors to get feedback from students first-hand. Whilst this is a less confidential approach, there would be a higher response rate than from an online survey.

A root cause analysis would also need to be performed to find the actual cause of the problem. This is done so that we are then able to proceed and develop a solution to problems in the system. This can be achieved through creating a list of the problems identified in the problem analysis and subsequently allocating weights to prioritise them. From this list, we would determine the cause of these problems by assessing how they impact the process of grading students in tutorials. Once the causes are known, it will be significantly easier to develop the solutions. This is because our solutions can focus on how to eliminate the causes of the problems, which have been made clearer through the root cause analysis.

Thus, through gathering all of these requirements to proceed with Business Process Automation, we can create a solution that incorporates technology to improve the efficiency at which students are graded for their participation in tutorials.



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