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Canada's Role in the World

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Essay Preview: Canada's Role in the World

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Canada, the 2nd largest country in the world is not only a prominent member among its many global connections, but it is a resource-based nation that plays a vital role economically, politically, and is significant to its development connections. This highly industrialized nation has one of the most stable economic systems worldwide with significant financial growth. Based on the numerous trading partners that values Canada as a necessity, it is also one of the leading foreign providers of costly and essential resources. Moreover, on a political ground Canada is a member of several organizations including the United Nations, and others devoted to peacekeeping purposes and military interventions. Finally, improving the world has always been Canada's goal. Being a developed country, Canada is able to provide foreign aid and other helpful resources to those who are in need of it. Through CIDA, this government agency has priority to assist developing countries and transitioning countries in need of help. Ultimately, Canada symbolizes that through its many connections, it plays an important role in the world.

Canada, being economically feasible has several trading partnerships that affect its status in the world. Organizations such as NAFTA and the G-8 that Canada is part of signify that without Canada, there would be a noteworthy loss of industries and well-needed resources. Canada contributes agricultural products such as wheat, barley and dairy products. All the while, transportation equipment, minerals, lumber products and energy production are some of the many industries that Canada has to offer to the world. In addition, Canada helps to keep the worldwide trading processes intact as it not only exports goods and services, but imports commodities such as chemicals, durable goods to keep a balance in the economic and trading business around the world.

This democratic land is a part of many federations demonstrate a positive influence on tackling world issues. Devoted to human rights and world peace, Canada has been acknowledged for its several peacekeeping efforts internationally, as it is in collaboration with the United Nations. Along are its military personnel for military interventions. For example, Canada has been apart of the relief and peacekeeping missions throughout the era of the Rwandan genocide and massacre. Furthermore, Canada is part of the Commonwealth Nations which address many concerns of the world and not only endorses human rights and free trade, but social equality. Canada is one of the many countries held with the responsibility to make important decisions for global resolve. This is due to the fact that it is part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

CIDA, another vital organization in association with Canada is designated to helping and relieving not only debt, but the burden of poverty among many underdeveloped



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