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Canada Health Care in 2006

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Essay Preview: Canada Health Care in 2006

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life feels lifeless and it feels like the your own body's your rival; if you are not healthy. So the question arises, what do we do to keep ourselves healthy?

Canada is a prosperous country with one of the most advanced and well functioning health care systems in the world. Health care is free for legal citizen and more than $142 billion (citation) was spent on healthcare in Canada in 2006. More money is needed to fund the system every year to make healthcare better in Canada. To receive medical care you need to be a legal resident of Canada. Most of the drug prescriptions are covered by the government but do vary from province to province. Some provinces will even reimburse your prescription fees after the drugs are bought, while others just require your health care number. The government tries helping in every way to keep its citizens healthy, may it be health care related issues or the environment and even preventative care.

So where does the problem arise? A huge debate has been going on for years to change the healthcare institution and making it private. Private healthcare is the privatization of clinics, thus making us (the citizens) pay for healthcare. Privatization will make the healthcare system more complex and expensive; making it completely unaffordable for citizens with a basic pay scale to get treated or receive medical healthcare. 'Dr. Albert Schumacher, former president of the Canadian Medical Association estimates that 75 per cent of health-care services are delivered privately, but funded publicly.'(citation) Although private healthcare does not affect many healthy Canadians, but it will affect the poor and needy and thats why it is there. Regretting the fact that there is a bulky amount of money being spent on healthcare every year to make it function and provide the free services the government promises; it has been very successful to several patients and has been there when needed.

As humans we tend to care for our fellow human beings no matter what the race, culture or religion. We set aside all our differences when it comes to disasters and get together to help the people who need it. As humans we have proved that several times through hard measures when the world turned its back against us and the ruthless forces of nature tend to destroy anything in their way; we were their as brothers and sisters just for one main cause and that was to help. So why not now? People in need of help are all around our communities, personally



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