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Candidate Selection Memo

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To: Ms. Indira Kumar, HR Manager of Mercer School of Business

From: Vicky Wu, Officer, Human Resource Department

Date: 22 Sept 2012

Re: Recommendation of the Senior Technical Writer

After going through the resumes of the top four qualified candidates, I found that they are all writing experts with years of experiences in various fields. It is quite hard to select anyone from them at the beginning. Finally, I found the best fit by comparing their qualifications with each requirement we listed in the job posting. My assessments towards their qualifications are in the following.

Byron Mcwhirter, a well-trained, managed and award-winning technical writer has more than 20 years experience in writing, editing and producing procedural and technical documentations. He is also familiar with user guides, policies and reference guides. Whereas, his doesn't demonstrate any of the educational related software skills or leadership skills that we are highly in need.

Frances Chu, he is an experienced technical writer with proficient office software skills and outstanding engineering related background. His employment history reveals that he is an expert in writing user manuals, feature descriptions and customer documentations for a wide range of equipment and devices. Besides, he is also a good team player through his experience in working with ship's crew and engineers. Another candidate Bob Watson, his profile clearly shows that he is a skilled technical communicator mainly specializes in formatting, editing and designing manuals and templates. However, my concern of the above two candidates is that they may not have much knowledge about the operation of education system, since there is no any related experience that I can see from their resumes.

Therefore, the person I am pleased to recommend to you is the last candidate, Barbara Bunn, a skillful and experienced technical writer with business and educational related background. She not only specializes in writing, editing and managing all kinds of manuals, descriptions and guides not limited to accounting, administration and IT, both printed and online, but also demonstrates impressive leadership skills by leading a team of writers when working as a project manager. In addition, her volunteer experience in Education Committee and some educational activities would be a great asset to make contribution to this new position at the General Administration department of our school.

For the above reasons, I highly recommend Barbara Bunn as the best candidate for this new Senior Technical Writer position. I believe she will be the best fit



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