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Career Exploration into Policing

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Essay Preview: Career Exploration into Policing

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The small community I am from usually performs background checks those who the Chief of Police hires before training. Then the Police of Chief hires those approved. Most of the officers ride around with the Chief, Assistant Chief of Police, or the Corporal Officer for some training. After a few weeks of on the job training the officers patrol the community and allowed to carry handcuffs and a Taser.

All new officers go through the same field training program, regardless of previous experience. First is mostly observation of the trainee, secondly the new officer begins to do much of the work themselves. Thirdly the officer is doing all the work himself. All documented training must be complete by the end of the third step. Fourthly the last step is usually called shadowing. The new officer does all the work and the training officer only observes. Most departments put the training officer in plain clothes at this point, sometimes the trainee may wear a shirt with "police" across the back of the shirt, and on the front of the shirt has the logo of a badge in which read Oceana Police Department and the local station number 300. After three weeks of shadowing, the new officer is released to patrol on their own.

Then after the officers have decided to pass all the steps and wants to precede their career they are sent to the local closest police academy. Those who pass the physical portion, interviews those who pass the background check. The Police Academy also will train potential police officers in several physical ways. These officers will have to go through both strength and endurance conditioning to make sure they are physically fit to be a law enforcement officer. They are taught how to physically arrest a suspect and how to defend themselves if they cannot access their weapons.



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