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Case Study Development on Road Side Seller in Rural Market

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Essay Preview: Case Study Development on Road Side Seller in Rural Market

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Assignment 01

Rural Marketing

Case Study Development on Road side Seller in Rural Market

Submitted To:

Mr. Jeevan J. Arakal

Submitted By: Group No. 08

 Gautam Kumar

 Niharkanta Swain

 Nitesh Kumar

 Sashi Bhusan Kumar verma

 Sasmita Kumari Padhy

 Sontosh Kumar Nayak

 Sudhir Kumar Dash


As part of the evaluation we have to complete a market survey project. We have conducted survey based on a checklist of questions which was formed to capture all the aspects of the business runs by the people in a rural market. We have tried to summarize all the information as we got in best possible manner in the three cases written separately on a fruit seller, a cloth merchant and GUP CHUP seller.


1. Personal Data

1. Name: 5. Gender:

2. Age: 6. Marital Status:

3. Educational Background:

4. Address:

2. Family Background

1. Do you have a joint family or a nuclear family?

2. How many members are there in your family?

3. How many of them are daily workers?

4. Who is the head of your family?

3. Business

1. What business do you have?

2. Have you started this business of your own or is it parental?

3. How many members are involved in this business & who are they?

4. When have you started this business?

5. Is it your 1st business or have you changed?

6. If changed then what was the previous business?

7. How much is your capital employed?

8. How much working capital do you need to run the business?

9. What are your sources of capital?

10. What are your sources of purchasing?

11. Is your purchase fixed or does it vary?

12. Does your purchaser provide credit facilities? If yes what is payback period?

13. How much inventory do you maintain daily?

14. Is your location of selling fixed or does it vary? Specify the areas if it varies?

15. What is your revenue per day? Is it constant or fluctuates?

16. Whether the daily revenue earned is sufficient for your livelihood?

17. In which season/month your sale is highest and lowest?

18. At what time during a day your sales peaks and it is lowest?

19. How many hours do your work in a day?

20. What kinds of customers are you dealing with?

21. Do you provide credit facilities to your customer? If yes what is payback period?

22. Do you have your competitors? How do you compete with them?

23. What are the price determinants of your goods?

24. Do prices of your goods vary as the day progresses? If yes how and why?

25. Do you get any facilities from government?

26. Are you forced to pay illegal money to various sources like police or any other antisocial elements?

27. What is your daily or monthly income?

28. Do you make any savings out of your income?

29. Are you investing your saving any where like Post Office, Sahara India, etc.?

3. Problems

1. Do you face problems in getting finance?

2. What are the problems you are facing while procuring goods?

3. What are your problems in selling?

4. Is there any problem with your selling location?

5. What are the social barriers for your business?

Case Study on a GUP CHUP (Fast food) Seller in Rural Market


This case is introducing us to the challenges faced by small financial based entrepreneurs. But as we know if a person is dedicated towards his objectives he can definitely achieve it. This is the story of Mr. Ajay Das, Age 38 years residing in Parlakhemundi, is natively from Jagannath puri. He was having a business of Iron furniture there but due to some financial problems he had to shift to Parlakhemundi and do business of GUP Chup here. Mr.Ajay says"I am doing all this to establish my business of Iron Furniture".

Personal Profile

Ajay das, 38 years old living in a nuclear family with his wife (35 years) and two son in a rented house of Batagouda Street of paralakhemundi. Her one daughter has already got married. He had his education up to intermediate and also completed ITI.


He is involved in GUP CHUP business. Along with this he is occasionally involved in catering



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