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Caterina Mansueto - Troice Home Solution & Manufacturing Inc. Case Study

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Essay Preview: Caterina Mansueto - Troice Home Solution & Manufacturing Inc. Case Study

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In 2013, Caterina Mansueto contacted with Troice Home Solution & Manufacturing Inc. for Renovating bathroom and kitchen in her apartment. During the renovation, Ms. Mansueto found that the laminate flooring was broken by a heavy equipment, and the bathtub ceiling was broken while replacing the bathtub. Then, she dealt with Michael who was the president of Troice Home Solution & Manufacturing Inc., but they did not find any solutions as Michael asked for additional charge for these issues. After Ms. Mansueto paid for the last invoice in April 2014, Troice Home Solution stopped coming back to her apartment; however, the renovation was still not completed.

Later, the fire alarm in Ms. Mansueto’s apartment was found that it was not working when the fire alarm company came to do the inspection. Ms. Mansueto first tried to contact with her insurance company, but the insurance company did not take any responsibilities to the issue because they found that the fire alarm was broken by the renovation. Consequently, she had to bring this problem to talk with Michael.

Plaintiff’s Argument

Mansueto claims that The Troice Home Solution dose not finish the renovation properly because she sees some cracks on the bathtub. She also claims about Michael asks $200 for fixing the bathtub ceiling which is broken by the renovation company. For the broken laminate, she shows a photo on her massage that Michael says that Ms. Mansueto can select another laminate, and they can replace for her, but this is never done. In addition, Mansueto is noticed by Troice Home Solution that she owes $3,110for general construction fee, and she does not about this cost because she never sees it in the invoices.

Defendant’s Argument

Ms. Chung is the lawyer for Troice Home Solution. First, Ms. Chung confirms every invoice of renovation in Ms. Mansueto’s apartment with Ms. Mansueto, and Ms. Chung tells that the $3,110 is from the last second invoice as there would be 10% of general construction fee for each invoice. After that, Ms. Chung asks if Ms. Mansueto has any pet, and Ms. Mansueto says that she has a dog. Then, Ms. Chung mentions about some emails that Ms. Mansueto sent to Michael, and she emphasizes one email that Ms. Mansueto is happy with Troice Home solution’s works.

Decision and Reasons

The judge does not give any decision that day.

Impression of the proceeding

General Thought

The courtroom looks different from what I expect. In my mine, I think a court room that should be deep and have stairs on the entrance. In fact, the courtroom is not deep, and it is flat. Also, the judge is not serious, and his voice is soft. His speaking reduces stress to people in the courtroom. However, all of these makes the courtroom



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