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Cats Vs. Dogs

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Cats vs. Dogs

The dog or the cat? Everyone has an opinion… whether it’s a crazy cat lady or a dog-loving man, each have opinions. I am here to appease the conflict and look at the positive and negative attributes of both animals; I will determine what characteristics they both carry, the maintenance they need, and so much more! Sit tight and listen to what the facts are; do not let your biased opinion sway what you’re reading.

We will start with dogs. Typically dogs come with a lot more maintenance such as washing them very often or even brushing ones teeth! This is to keep their (usually) long fur from tangling, collecting fleas and ticks, or even just simply so they do not smell. Clipping their toenails is also a must, especially if you have wooden floors. Dogs also have a behavior problems, too. If they get excited by a person, they may act up and might jump on them. Another thing that could cause some irritation is when you get a new puppy. Often they are very cute to play with, but there are many downsides to raising a puppy. They can’t control their bladders or even know where or when is the right time to pee. The nights are the worst, crying and barking seems to never end with puppies. If you’ve ever owned a puppy, I bet you would know what I am talking about.

Although I may have just said a lot of negative things about dogs, there are some really great things that they offer! When you walk into your house alone, you will feel as if you are always protected. Dogs have a territorial sense about them; they can sense danger or when one does not belong. They also have entertainment to offer, whether it’s tugging on a rope or playing with a ball, they will almost always play with you.



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