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Censorship Is a Pleauge

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Essay Preview: Censorship Is a Pleauge

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Censorship  Is  a  Plague

“Libraries  should  be  open  to  all  except  the  sensor…”,  States  John  F.  Kennedy.  Censorship  has  been  plaguing  many  people  for  centuries.  It  is  an  awful  thing  that  limits  learning  by  banning  certain  subjects,  it  limits  experiences  because  it  prevents  people  from  reading  about  certain  things  they  could  do,  and  it  hinders  social  growth  by  preventing  literature  from  certain  cultures.

        Censorship  hurts  the  people  by  limiting  learning.    To  censor  books  is  to  censor  a  human’s  right  to  knowledge.  (Timed  writing  #3)  this  quote  shows  that  censoring  books  limits  the  number  of  things  people  can  learn  from  books.  For  years  people  have  been  reading  to  gain  knowledge.  Even  in  the  renaissance  people  weren’t  safe  from  censorship.  censorship  even  prevented  our  ancestors  from  learning  about  things  due  to  religious  beliefs  and  accusations  of  heresy. 

        Learning  is  one  major  thing  censorship  limits,  another  is  experiences.  Censoring  limits  so  many  experiences  people  could  have.    Books  give  children  an  escape  from  their  regular  boring  lives  to  experience  something  new  and  creative,  but  censoring  school  libraries  has  prevented  them  from  gaining  and  experiencing  so  many  things.  They  also  give  adults  a  chance  to  read  about  something  new  and  exciting  they  could  try  weather  it  be  in  the  kitchen,  around  the  house,  or  in  the  bedroom.  

        Social experiences help people grow socially, and censorship limits some social experiences therefore hindering social growth.  Banning certain books suck as To Kill a Mockingbird, which talks about how racism is bad, and many other books. Books like Fahrenheit 451, 1984, and Atlas shrugged all talk about social growth. Preventing people from reading these books could seriously affect how they grow socially depending on where they come from.

        Limiting experiences, preventing learning, and the hindering of social growth are all unbelievably bad things. Censorship looks to do all those things and more. The censoring of books needs to be stopped before it gets ahead of us and limits literature to a vast and unimaginable extent.



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