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Changing Gender Roles Among Men and Women

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Essay Preview: Changing Gender Roles Among Men and Women

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How have gender roles changed? Through the years gender roles have changed family traditions. Today, gender roles have changed so much that women are able to preach at church. Some people believe preaching at church is a male role, and not meant for a woman. People should be more accepting and opened minded to the roles played in today's society. I feel is a good thing that changing of gender roles is taking place and to inspire future generations. Therefore, gender roles have extremely changed in family, religion and work.

To begin, gender roles have changed family traditions. Many women in today's society drive vehicles. For instance, more women drive eighteen wheeler today. More men have changed their roles with their significant partner. Statistics show that about 50 percent of the men are stay at home fathers, while he spouse is the income provider. In today's society, women have more opportunities geeing an education. Also, women are changing roles, now many are executive chef's or owns their own restaurant. As well, the changing of gender roles more women do more outdoor activities. For example, I take my daughter camping once a year. Therefore, gender roles have changed among women and men.

In addition, gender roles have changed the view in religion. At one point in life, men preach at church. For example, in today's society more women preach at church without being judged. Many women in today's society, are not only valued for religious believes but as well for accomplishments in the business world. Statistics show that about 40 percent of business in the U.S. is operated and owned by women. Also, gender roles have changed among the most conservative people during church sessions. For instance, in past times, it was a custom that women have would seat on the right and the men would sit on the left side. In fact, traditional gender roles have changed in family religious believes. For example, I grew up Catholic and because of my own experiences, I have developed my own translation on my parent's religious believes. Nevertheless, in past years schools preached every morning the work of God. In comparison, today it is not legal for the school nor is the teacher to preach at the children because everyone has different religious believes. Therefore, gender roles have changed among peoples religious believes.

Ultimately, gender roles have changed the education potential among men and women. For the most part, women have achieved same equality of education. Women, who are achieving an education today, have better employment opportunities to aspire to the same or higher rank than men. For the most part, many women who have an education are financially stable. For instance, single mothers are capable of supporting their child or children without the help of a man. Most women have changed gender roles with their spouses. For example, many spouses take care



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