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Child Vaccinations : The Adolescent Killer.

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Essay Preview: Child Vaccinations : The Adolescent Killer.

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Child Vaccinations : The Adolescent Killer

Your child will receive no less than sixty nine doses of sixteen vaccines between their day of birth and age eighteen due to excess vaccination. Up to fifteen of those vaccines are mandated in different states. Vaccinations have proven to be an effective means of preventing serious effects, including fatalities from childhood illnesses. Controversy remains over whether the risk of side effects from the vaccines outweighs the risk of contracting diseases. When vaccines lead to unexpected side effects, that is considered vaccinosis. Vaccinosis is the onset of symptoms that occur after the administration of vaccines. Children vaccinations should not be required because of its cause of chronic ailments, risky side effects, and the impact that it may have on children.

An increased number of vaccinations at an early age can cause chronic ailments such as asthma, allergies, and autism. Research has shown that, “In a 1997 study in New Zealand, 1265 children were surveyed. 23 percent of the vaccinated children experienced asthma and 30 percent of the vaccinated children suffered from allergies, while the children who had not been vaccinated, contracted nothing” (Myers). This research highlights the fact that vaccines, which are put in place to immunize, instead bring along more health problems that will not go away. Offit states that, “ The authors tested intestinal biopsy samples for the presence of the measles virus, and MMR, from children with and without autism. Seventy five of Ninety one children were found to have the virus in their tested biopsy tissue as compared to 5 out of 70 children who did not have autism” (Offit). According to Dr. Offit, instead of prevailing measles, the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) shot gave patients something much worse than something as small as the measles virus. Autism, which is incurable, is one of many chronic diseases that can be caused by an excess amount of vaccines, leaving the child in much worse shape.

With the topic of vaccination, comes risk and side effects such as multiple sclerosis, blood disorders, seizures, myocarditis, death, and etc. The author states that, “ Of 2,000 vaccine- damaged children, 1,800 are a result from vaccines such as meningitis C, Hep B, and MMR. Of those, 1,400 suffered from side effects including multiple sclerosis, myocarditis, and death” (Figes). Hep B shots are given to newborns up until six months so, according to Figes, children are basically being set up from birth, leaving their immune systems to deteriorate and cause more problems. Moskowitz claims that, “Seizures and disorders in blood cells such as, thrombocytopenic purpura have grown over the years as a result of newly found vaccines” (Moskowitz). From the resources, it shows that along with the unsafe vaccinations already established, scientists have found newer ones to use on children, which,



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