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Childhood Story

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Essay Preview: Childhood Story

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Pancake Mess

When I was about three years old, I decided to make a breakfast. I knew for sure that I could make this huge breakfast, and make my mother proud of me.

I got up real early, before my mom and brother. I quietly tip-toed to the kitchen, and then I climbed on the counter to reach the cupboards. First, I got a big bowl and poured in the pancake mix. Next, I poured in the water. The best part was when I cracked the eggs and put them in the bowl, shells and all. Finally, I started stirring my pancake mix. Oh, how my mom was going to so proud of me. Just then my mom walked in the kitchen and I looked at her with a smile. To my surprise my mom started yelling "Look at this mess!" There was pancake mess everywhere, from my hair to the floor. There was wet pancake mess with broken eggs shells on the counter. I just stood there sad, because I had worked so hard. I just could not understand why she was so mad.

My confusion soon became clear when she had me start cleaning my mess. I felt like I was there forever. I had to scrub the pancake flour off the cupboards. As my wet rag touched the pancake flour it made a bigger gooey mess. Then I began the counters, there was a gooier pancake mess and dried egg yolk everywhere. I scrubbed and scrubbed and the dried egg would not come off. I asked my mom how to get it off, and she just said, "You need to use elbow grease." I looked everywhere for the elbow grease, so asked my mom "Where's the elbow grease?" Still upset she said "That means you need to use your muscles?" After showing off my muscle skills, I finally cleaned the counter. Now came the floor, it was so white that I could of made snow angels. I tried to sweep the floor, but the broom was too big for me to use. My mom came in and helped me, but I was not in the clear yet. I still had to scrub the floor. My mom got a bucket mixed soap and water and handed me a rag. When the floor was done my mom asked, "Will you cook without me again?" I hung my head to the floor and replied, "No mommy, I'm sorry." After I got cleaned up, I got to eat biscuits and gravy. I know my pancakes would have tasted much better.



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