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Cincinnati Reds: Then and Now

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Essay Preview: Cincinnati Reds: Then and Now

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Cincinnati Reds: Then and Now

The Cincinnati Reds in 1990 went on to win the World Series. They had an all-around fantastic team who played well together. Nineteen-Ninety was a great year for Reds fans, as well as the entire Reds organization. They led many aspects of Major League Baseball. The players also played harder with a much higher will to win. The 2011 season, however, wasn't as great for the Red's nation. With many mentionable names on the 2011 roster, the team didn't play to its usual standards. The statistics from the Reds in the 1990's are drastically different than the current team that is now home to Great American Ballpark.

Finishing first in the National League with a record of 91-71 led the Cincinnati Reds into their 5th World Series championship. Defeating Oakland Athletics in the 1990s came to be known as one of the greatest upsets in a Major League Baseball World Series. Red's fans looked at this as a chance to become a bigger and better baseball team. Regretfully, as time continued, Cincinnati's beloved team slowly fell apart. In the current 122nd season, the Reds have a good deal to live up to. Cincinnati was the reigning champion of the National League central division in the prior season, but to no avail, it's looking quite bleak for their current line-up. With an up-to-date record of 76-80, it's nearly impossible for the Reds to compete with the 2010 success.

As in nearly every professional sport, players are traded, drafted, fired, etc. The roster of the Cincinnati Reds in the 90's compared to now is a vast amount of overall talent. Teamwork is the key to success; which is exactly what the Reds encompassed in the 90's. Of course each player endows their own ability, but without teamwork, it will run straight into a dead end. The first basemen, Hal Morris, led the team with a .340 batting average. Jose Rijo headed the pitching staff with an impressive 152 strike outs, with Rob Dibble falling closely behind with 136 strike outs. Currently, the team isn't 'teamwork efficient'. Joey Votto with a .315 batting average, and Mike Leake sporting a 118 strike out record, doesn't compare to the prior roster. The only major statistics the latter team has is the impressive amount of home-runs hit by Jay Bruce (31 as of date), and Johnny Cueto has tied the all-time MLB record with an Earned Run Average of 2.03.

Sports fans can't only blame the actual players. There is much more that makes up a team. Lou Piniella led the Reds to their World Series victory, but Dusty Baker (the current manager) is having a more difficult time gathering his team to reach such an accomplishment. Seven managers have come and gone through the Reds franchise. From the year the Reds (aka Cincinnati Red Stockings) started in 1882 until now, Reds fans stay consistent. Fans are truly what keep a team



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