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Civil War

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A war is a state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties. Every war has its reasons weather it be a good and acceptable reason or a bad reason. If people are going to be killed and the country itself be damaged because of the war, people will want to hear a reason. Some wars are inevitable and some are not. It all depends on its cause. The American Civil War is thought to be an inevitable war. Many are convinced that there was no other way to solve the tension between the North and the South. The difference in thinking of slavery of both sides was one of the reasons for the build up of the tension between the two sides but it was not the only reason as some may think. Economical differences and political differences also led to the tension between the two sided which resulted in a war. The war was considered inevitable because the South would not give up slavery, and the North would not let the South separate from the Union.

The part slavery had on the Civil War cannot be ignored but it should not be responsible for the main cause. It was the difference in the North and the South that slavery created which led to the war. Slavery led to economic differences. In the South, slavery became a way of life. It was a large part of their society. Because they were farmers, they needed many workers to plant and gather. The South thought that if slavery was to be abolished, than their economy would fall because there would be no workers. In the North, slavery was not needed as much. The northern part of the US was mostly manufacturers. They hired workers instead of buying slaves. The South justified slavery by saying that slavery was in the bible and that slaves were treated better than the workers at factories in the North. Slavery also led to other differences. Because of slavery, different religion formed. In the North, Methodist Episcopal Church and the Quakers of Pennsylvania emerged. They were all clearly opposed to slavery and the South. In the South, the Baptists and the Presbyterians became the form of Christianity which supported the southern beliefs. All these churches were Christian and the only difference between them where their thoughts on slavery. Political differences also arose because of slavery. Because there were two different societies formed from slavery, each side required its own political support. This was how difference parties emerged. The South needed political parties that supported slavery.

Power was one of the causes of the tension between the two sides. By 1850, only a third of the US population lived in the South and more states were becoming non-slave states. The South was loosing its power in the government and no longer had an effective voice. After Abraham Lincoln, a republican who was determined to keep slavery from spreading, was elected, South Carolina seceded from the Union. The rest of the South followed. The tension between the two sides grew and a



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