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Classroom Observation Early Childhood

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Essay Preview: Classroom Observation Early Childhood

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Entering into the classroom, I felt very excited! The room was fairly large with centers sectioned off at different parts of the room. It was filled with artwork, projects and posters that made me excited to look at everything. The class-made welcome mats also made the room feel inviting.

Each area was clearly defined, with a big sign above each one indicating which area it was. All of these posters also had pictures, so the children could relate the word to a picture. The cozy corner was tucked away on the other side of the room, where the commotion would be minimal. This encourages quiet time for the child who needs it. The block center was sectioned off, and there was only 1 entrance and exit to minimize children running through it and knocking over buildings.

The classroom also had a writing center setup close to the cozy corner. This worked with the setup of the room as there were only 2 people allowed at this center, which was quiet enough for the cozy corner.

There was a science center available for a few children to perform their own science experiments! The items that are dangerous and need teacher supervision were put away on the shelf, but the children had access to all of the other science materials. The children are encouraged to predict what will happen by drawing a picture and posting it on the wall behind the center.

The cozy corner and the library are great places for children to go to wind down and relax. The library was in the quiet area of the room, but allowed for 4 children to be in it at one time. There was a small couch, and 2 little bean bags for children to lounge on. The children were encouraged to keep their voices down, just as they are in a real library.

The classroom was setup perfectly for small group, and large group activities. The circle time rug was in the middle of the classroom, but was also used for dramatic play when it was time for centers. This area was large enough to do gross motor activities when the dramatic center is put away. The carpet has individual spaces for the children to sit, which helps with keeping the children from touching each other.

The classroom had a fun art area setup at all times to encourage the children to be independent! The center had boxes of crayons and markers, and included items such as pipe cleaners, wood sticks, glue, gems, and paint that the children can use on their own. There was also an easel in this center which the children loved to paint on.

I felt that the only thing missing from this classroom was some more building things such as legos and Lincoln logs. The children love these and I was sad they didn't have them out. After asking the teacher about it later, she did inform me that they rotate the toys out every so often so they do not get bored. They in fact do have legos and Lincoln logs!

The room was setup perfectly for every child to be involved in the program. During centers, the children



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