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Coleton Pantley

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Copious: The New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees has a copious amount of passing yard and awards.

Tenacious: Richard Sherman is very tenacious with his beef with Michael Crabtree.

Surreptitious: the bank robber was very surreptitious when it came to escaping the bank without getting seen.

Voracious: the hot dog contest contestants where voracious at the start of the race but not at the end.

Officious: the office assistant was officious at the company meeting today.

Spurious: a lot of people who sell shoes sell spurious shoes on online stores.

Onerous: the kid who always sat in the back of the classroom was very onerous when the teacher had her back turned.

Gregarious: the class clown was always gregarious when new people where there to try to become friends with them.

 Pious: the old man at the nursery home was pious and wore a cross necklace everyday and went to church twice a week.

Scrupulous: in the proses of building the new boat the supervisor was very clear they had to be Scrupulous.

Short story challenge:

One day three robbers decided to rob a bank. The robbers knew the money would be copious. they had to complete the mission in a surreptitious manner and had to be very scrupulous to get it done right. None of the robbers had a pious life in fact they were always onerous always giving spurious information. Never gregarious and hated officious people getting in their way. They were ready for the mission and knew that to pull it off they needed to be voracious and when the cops where after them the drive had to be tenacious.



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