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College Essay

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In a world full of all types of people there is always one person who stands out amongst the crowd. That person inspires you to achieve a variety of long and short term goals. Whenever a person is determined to be like someone they usually change their appearance or the way they present themselves; which may consist of: changing their hairstyles, what they wear, or even how they talk. The ideal role model is a public figure like actors, actresses, singers, rappers, public speakers, comedians, or even talk show hosts. Quite frankly, I find no interest in these people when it comes to how I live and operate my life. There is no one more influential than an educated and ambitious African American woman who uses love to devour hatred, perseverance to accomplish any goal, and ambition to get any job done. This essay will discuss how the characteristics that my mother portrays will help me survive through any obstacles that I may encounter in my college years and throughout my entire life.

Statistics state that "85 percent of college freshman fall behind and have to complete summer school or either dropout of college due to lack of funds or necessities." I am a very ambitious young lady who does not fall into peer pressure. Therefore, I will use ambition to complete all of the necessary schooling that I will need to have a successful future. I will do whatever it takes to get the job done whether it is in a group assignment or an individual task. I will put my heart and soul into exceeding the expectations of my professors and peers.

Many people may ask "What does love have to do with attending college and getting a legit education?" My answer to them is that love conquers all. Throughout my college years I will come across many different people and obstacles. It is up to me to love those who hate me just as my mother does to this day. Loving my peers for who they are will help me stay focused on my education and also help my peers strive for the best because I know that all good things come with love. The love that my mother shows me motivates me to do better and strive for nothing but excellence. Therefore, I will help encourage my peers to do right thing by using love to defeat whatever negative force may be distracting them; which is also very good for the environment.

I was told that perseverance gets any job done, no matter how big or small the situation is. When there are times that I am trusted with money, getting a job done, or being responsible in any type of way I am always persistent. Being perseverant will help lead me to the top of the class by showing that I am a positive leader who has a lot of goals to accomplish. Being persistent in accomplishing a task by exceeding expectations will definitely lead to a brighter and more successful future for my family, education, and I. No matter if it means going an extra mile to get the job done or studying all hours of the night to make sure I pass every



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