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Color Blind Society Solves Nothing!

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Essay Preview: Color Blind Society Solves Nothing!

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Racism is a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is s superior and has the right to rule others. Racism has been a massive factor in the world since the 1700s. Many people have tried to find solutions for racism throughout the years but have failed. While some areas maybe racism free others are filled with both hatred and discrimination due to the color of peoples skin. It is said that a color-blind society is the answer to racism. Implementing a color blind society will not solve the racism problem and will only bring a rise to social issues.

In a color blind society there is still "black and white", rich and poor, small and big. Racism is about way more than the color of someone's skin. It is also about their cultures , way of living and sometimes may include a person's social status. People are very quick to renounce anything that is different from what they are used to are what is said to be the ideal lifestyle. By rejecting others individuality people show that they lack respect for people who are not the same as they are. Even if the world was color-blind there will still be hatred due to the lack of respect for individuals who are considered different.

Emphasis on a color-blind society will change the society for the worst not the better. It may take away the discrimination due to color, but the other issues that fall under racism will remain. If we lived in a color blind society there will still be differences in peoples way of living and in peoples culture. People are discriminated against and hated by people of the same race. Most are frowned upon because of their sexual orientation, jobs, schools attended, facial structure, body type, religion, etc. There are bigger and broader questions when concentrating on the subject of racism. Is color really the issue or is it the difference in the unique cultures, appearances, or social relations that tend to cause the most issues?

Prejudice and racism go hand and hand in this society. To be prejudice is to have an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed without knowledge, thought, or reason. Prejudice is known as and inherited trait. People who are racist exhibit prejudice feelings and opinions also. They have no personal information or personal ties with many of the people the discriminate against. There is no concrete knowledge about others cultures or races until questions are asked or research is done, yet there are still so many victims of discrimination, prejudice, and racism. Most people are afraid of anything that seems to be different or that is against their visual outlook of what the correct way of living should be. As long as people flaunt their different cultures and individuality racism and discrimination will be a vital issues in society.

Racism is a characteristic that is inherited or taught



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