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Comparison Essay - McDonald's Vs. Burger King

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Essay Preview: Comparison Essay - McDonald's Vs. Burger King

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Comparison Essay

McDonald's vs. Burger King, these two fast food restaurants, they both been around for many years and could be the most consumed restaurants in the United States. They both offer very similar food and they both have similar marketing techniques, but both restaurants differ in restaurant environment and customer satisfaction.

The McDonald's Guarantee states, your food will be hot. Your service will be fast and friendly. And your drive-thru orders will be double-checked right. If you're not satisfied, we'll make it right. Or your next meal is on us guaranteed. The customer service procedures of McDonald's are centered on focusing on one customer at a time. They are more concerned with the quality of the service than the speed of the service. Employees usually take only one order at a time. They then prepare that order while the customers wait. After the present customer is satisfied, they move on to the next customer. This procedure allows great accuracy and quality,

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but lacks speed. McDonald's climate was not very appealing. Everything appeared to be focused around the business instead of the customers. Employees were working at a rapid pace, but it seemed like they had no time for customers. They acted as if it was a burden for them to stop and answer a simple question or refill a drink. The atmosphere was also very noisy. There was constant beeping, banging, and yelling coming from the service area. They did not provide a pleasant ambiance for customers to dine in. McDonald's communication and leadership were also lacking. The only communication between employees and customers was the placement of

orders. The employees provided no feedback in terms of double-checking orders or communicating any delays that might occur. Communication between employees consisted of loud yelling throughout the kitchen. In terms of leadership, no manager was in sight.

Burger King's goals seemed quite clear. They want to individualize each customer's order and...



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