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Compass Analysis - the Compass Group (plc)

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Essay Preview: Compass Analysis - the Compass Group (plc)

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Food and Beverages

Service Company

Compass Group:

Capoul M.C

Clark J.

Albarus C.

Vandaele R.

Morin M

I) Hierarchy

II) Structure / Organization

III) Situation analysis


The Compass group (PLC) is a food and beverage service company, its headquarters is situated in Chertsey United Kingdom and generate a total revenue of $13444 million (worldwide). Compass group is operating restaurants principally in three sectors (for France): business, education and medical structures. The company origin goes back to 1941; it was created by Jack Bateman and was first named Bateman Catering. The Compass group was created in 1987 after blending different catering company and had first been listed under London stock exchange in 1988. Compass group now employs 400,000 people worldwide. All along this document, we will essentially be focusing on Compass Group France.

I) Hierarchy

Compass Group France is divided in three branches:

* Eurest for business and leisure structures

* Scolarest for education structures

* Medirest for hospitals

They provide jobs for 14,000 people in more than 2,500 restaurants and essentially work with companies from the CAC40.

"Employee Management":

* Operations -> 90% employees

* Development and sales

* Human resources

* Engineer & Research & Development & Design  -> 10%

* Purchase & Accounting

* Management

The central development, research and management teams are located in Paris which is the center of Compass France. We count 4 Human Resource departments center ("regional centers") applying internal or external recruitment of employees and providing them with orientation and training (every employee receives a total of 45 hours of training every year). Indeed, as most other companies, Compass is recruiting, for new sites, either from already available workers (internal recruiting; 2 out of three job are fulfilled by internal recruitment or promotion) or from external sources by posting job offers on internet and press (external recruiting). The cost Compass is spending in training/formation represents 4% of their annual budget.

The human resource's strategy:

Objective: "Being the best employer possible"

To achieve this objectives, Compass focus on five different axes:

- Management style focusing on motivating work teams; motivation achieve by "trusting" employees at any level.

- "Equal chance politics" by assuring that all employees have the same rights and opportunities for evolving in the company without any discrimination.

- Implement a company culture based on creativity and initiatives.

- Create an integration/induction process and optimize every employee by training and career follow-up.

- Share new practices from country to country inside the company.

Hierarchy and job descriptions:

-Operational staffs:

"Second de cuisine", "Cuisinier", "Commis", "Employé de restauration (EDR)", "Plongeur".


"Chef de secteur", "Gérant", "Chef gérant", "Chef de production", "Chef de cuisine".

-Client development:

"Project developer"

-Support functions:

Management controller ("controleur de gestion"), Legal Experts, Human resource director.

Restaurant/Site Jobs Description:

Job name Domain responsibilities Main responsibilities

"Chef de secteur" Sector authority and responsibility (a certain amount of site ; can be regional direction) Directing and animating "Gérant" or "Chef



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