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Competitive Advantage Through Relationships in Absa Private Bank

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Essay Preview: Competitive Advantage Through Relationships in Absa Private Bank

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In partial fulfilment of the Requirements for the




1 May 2011 Supervisor; Dr. Sidney Shipham

Page I Browne, R.A. 2011

Competitive advantage through relationships in ABSA Private Bank


I, Richard Browne, confirm that this work submitted for assesment in fulfilment of the requirements for the Masters Degree of Business Administration, through UNISA SBL, is my own and expressed in my own words. Any use therin of the works of other authors in any form (for example text, tables, and figures) are properly acknowledged at the point of use, and every effort has been made to avoid plagarism of any kind. A full list of the references to work employed has been included.

he number of sick days taken and resignations of late. Arguably there is a resistance to change, or potentially a culture misfit. What is clear is that there are strong traditionalists, and new methodologies. Change is inevitable, and ABSA Private Bank is currently looking at an operating model which will target growth in a market where new qualifying clients are estimated to grow by 362,400 by 2013 (Ralebitso, M. 2011.APB Leadership Convention). This acquisition growth is to be within cost constraints, and unnecessary wastage on space and fixed overheads are to be refined, through structural and strategic adjustment. With change comes unease and often conflict. These changes need to be managed with consideration to culture, and to the roles of leadership in this process, particularly with the necessity for alignment at all levels of the organisation. Whilst the client remains at the centre of the proposition, the processes and measurement of staff drives a different behaviour in practice.

The concept of bancassurance is the term used to describe the concept where an insurance company leverages of the bank sales channel and client base in order to sell insurance products. In South Africa, many of the banks are partnered with life assurance companies, as in the case of ABSA and Sanlam, or owned as in the relationship with Standard bank and Liberty Life.



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