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Compute - Multiple Choice

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Multiple Choice


1. Which of the following is considered a good tip to use when selecting a secure password?

a. Use a password that is eight characters or more.

b. Use a word out of the dictionary and spell it backwards.

c. Use a password using only letters.

d. Use part of your user ID so you can remember your password more easily.

2. In a computer, most of the processing takes place in the __________.

a. keyboard

b. monitor

c. central processing unit

d. software

3. The human-readable version of a program created in a high-level language by a programmer is called _________ code.

a. op

b. machine

c. source

d. object

4. Online stores pioneered by _________ transformed the face of retailing.

a. Google.com

b. eBay.com

c. Amazon.com

d. Overstock.com

5. __________ computers run special scaled-down versions of word processing, spreadsheet, and other application software.

a. Personal

b. Laptop

c. Desktop

d. Handheld

6. The _________ divide is a term that refers to the gap between people who have access to technology and those who do not.

a. digital

b. global

c. technological

d. intellectual

7. Hackers can discover your password through __________.

a. the brute force attack

b. dumpster diving

c. sniffing

d. all of the above

8. _________ is an open-source computer operating system that can be modified and freely distributed.

a. Windows

b. DOS

c. Mac OS

d. Linux

9. A(n) _________ is 1,048,576 bits.

a. megabit

b. megabyte

c. gigabit

d. kilobyte

10. The ____________ of a computer can process data by performing calculations, sorting lists of words or numbers, modifying documents, or drawing pictures.

a. storage

b. memory

c. CPU

d. input

11. Computer input is whatever is typed, submitted, or transmitted to a computer system and can be supplied by all of the following EXCEPT __________.

a. a person

b. the environment

c. a printer

d. another computer


1. __________ refers to the circuitry that transports data to and from the microprocessor.

a. Cache

b. Front side bus

c. HyperTransport

d. Processor number

2. Within a computer, data travels from one component to another over circuits called a data ___________.

a. bus

b. port

c. relay

d. card

3. RAM speed can be expressed in ____________.

a. gigahertz

b. megahertz

c. both B and D

d. nanoseconds

4. There are three types of storage technologies commonly used for personal computers: _________, optical, and solid state.

a. fiber optic

b. magnetic

c. electronic

d. random access

5. Storage _________ is the amount of data that can be stored in a given area of a storage medium, such as the surface of a disk.

a. access time

b. density

c. transfer rate

d. capacity

6. A(n) ___________ printer uses the same technology as a photocopier to paint dots of light onto a light-sensitive drum.

a. dot matrix

b. ink jet

c. laser

d. duplex

7. RAM speed can be expressed in ____________.

a. gigahertz

b. megahertz

c. both B and D

d. nanoseconds

8. Another name for a USB flash drive is __________.

a. keychain drive

b. thumb drive

c. pen drive

d. all of the above

9. The following are examples of peripheral devices EXCEPT _________.

a. a scanner

b. a CPU

c. speakers

d. a printer

10. The process of retrieving data is often referred



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