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Computer Information Technology

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Essay Preview: Computer Information Technology

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Americans showed strong in computer information technology and networking computers unlimited intrusion capacity throughout the world. Values are the United States is a country of rule of law, laws, enforced, and lawbreakers must be. Values of this film to promoted, like taiji's killing before it starts. Strength in a soft manner, nevertheless resist but penetrate more profound. Film is the core, United States lost control once powerful computer information technology, from the human manipulation, orders from the essential mission of self-recognition, operating on their own, find paths to upgrade itself. Effect of this computer center after the upgrade is penetrated each networked computer, gets all network information, monitoring every corner of the world. Each and every networked computer into its arms, camera in the world are their eyes, all telephones were controlled to become its mouthpiece of conveying instruction. In other words, to live in this world of humans, there will be no privacy at all. This horrible technique in the film in the United States Congress did not act to be approved in the form of running. But the already strong enough to upgrade themselves and improve the level of technology, upgrade on its own, encounter barriers to persons with a qualification of customs clearance information, control the people, recognition of completion of customs clearance, and then kill him. Each of the checkpoints unhindered. Outcomes is very reasonable, it is a bit hasty. The upgrade is complete, when about to enter the installation, the hero through the conversation, know that the program's core mission is to achieve "to protect United States citizens ' security and freedom" of the provisions of the Constitution. That is, the program to run out of just getting rid of "rule by men", had not from the rule of law, its legitimacy is based on "protection of United States citizens ' security and freedom". Hero immediately ordered a search of all bills relating to technical upgrading, the program finally found admission to technical upgrading Bill had not been adopted at the same time, was aware that the current operation of the illegal, so the installation program to automatically cancel, copies of all business information is automatically deleted before, restoring quiet in the world. Logic as a whole is very smooth, not far-fetched: in the United States, and even computer programs are performed in strict accordance with the law, each program running has legitimacy, let alone people, such a rule of law, democracy and freedom of expression.



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