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Concerns About Putting Her Children into Daycare

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Essay Preview: Concerns About Putting Her Children into Daycare

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During our conversation, I understand Michelle's questions and concerns about putting her children into daycare.

I completely understand wanting to give your child a "leg up on life" by having them interact with other children at an early age and become socially independent. This helps later in life with confidence levels and being able to get along with people early on.

I also agree with Michelle on not having the choice of wanting to stay home with them or needing to stay home with the children. It makes it hard on families who could be low-income and needing to have both incomes while trying to support a family. I have been there as well, especially today, it's a necessity to have a two-income family unless one partner is making six figures a year. Even then it could be difficult depending upon the expenses for that family.

If you absolutely have to put your child in daycare or maybe you just want too because of the social interaction, it is imperative that you and your partner are comfortable with your choice.

There are so many fly by night providers out there who are in it just for the buck and are more of a babysitter rather than an academic provider.

Michelle definitely opened my eyes on her take of daycare as far as doing all the research and how long it can actually take to find "just the right one". No one can know for sure, even after all that work, if they have found the right provider. However, by speaking to references and getting their take on the provider will give you an insight as to whether or not it's the right one for you or not.

She also pointed out the safety measures that are put into place. When my kids were in daycare over 20 years ago, they checked but it wasn't as secure as it has to be today. Sure there were crazies, psycho's and estranged parents back then, but not like today. The security measures that a facility has it of the utmost importance. You don't want someone walking in and saying that Johnny belongs to you when in fact, he doesn't and then the unthinkable happens.

Putting your child in daycare today takes a lot of hard and research and it helps speaking to those who are in the position as you and who can vouch for their worthiness.

Michelle had genuine concerns about the academics that were being administered to her children at her present daycare which prompted her into finding one that better suited her needs and expectations. To me, this shows that Michelle is a very concerned parent and she only wants the best for her children's future and well-being.

Kudos to Michelle for taking the appropriate steps to ensure that her children are placed where she can have peace of mind during the day while she works to support her family.



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