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Conflict Management Styles

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Conflict Management Styles

As the world started to move into globalisation, threat and issue such as slave labour, physical abuse of workers and slave wages start to happen. It is hard for anyone to know whether globalisation it is good or evil for Multinational Corporation to bring their influences to the other countries.

Globalisation had led many countries to boost up their economy. For example, of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are corporations while only 49 are countries, based on a comparison of corporate sales and country GDPs (Corporations, Anup Shah). From the Western perspective, this increases their economy thus their job vacancy, From a local perspective, those westerner had helped the poor people to survive on their living basis.

A significant rise in rural poverty from 34.3 percent in 1989-90 to 38.74 percent in 1993-94 (Patnaik & Chandrasekhar 1998).Through globalisations, the number of poor people had decrease with the increase of trade and investment. Beside it also provide a new era of living standard and productivity to the local people as well as westerner. However, this also brings inequality across and within the nations, instability in financial market and environmental deteriorations.

As the corporation are growing larger and more powerful, issue such as breach of human rights, cheap labour, child labour, physical abuse of workers and slave wages are happening. A Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted earlier this month found that 61 percent of Americans consider China to be a threat to our jobs and economic security. (What is Globalisation, The American Dream), however in China, this benefit them as it make them more competitive in the international market. This can be seen in the article "LABOUR: China, EPZs Listed as Major Violators of Workers' Rights " where John stated that any nation relying on paying wages to its workers, would have no chance of competing with China (World News ,Moyiga Nduru).

Culture ethnic are also an issue in globalisation. In World War II era; US culture are influencing the world with its dramatic growth of mass communications such as music, television, films and the Internet, as well as through the penetration of American corporations into foreign countries. The local and western people fear that their global culture will become too Americanized, destroying their own cultural, economic, and religious traditions.

In conclusion, globalisation is a double edged sword. People cannot determine whether it is good or evil nowadays as it all depends on how people think, work and feel about it.



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