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Conflict in Healthcare

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Essay Preview: Conflict in Healthcare

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There were many benefits to 12 hour shifts such as if there was a need to go to MD or dentist you were able to schedule appointments on one of your many days off. In order to save vacation I would work three days on and I could possibly have a week off before returning back to work. Also disgruntled staff did turn the negative into a positive, they were able to change their way of thinking. We were able to change their habits and be a uniform team for our patients and their families. The unit experienced less overtime and less sick call-ins, with cost savings for our unit. I also felt the impact on my own wallet without the added fuel cost, plus wear and tear of our car. The continuity of care was much improved, we could plan accordingly for our 12 shifts, with the ability to begin and complete tasks. This was at a time when primary nursing also was at the forefront so when I was not there, another registered nurse, we were co-primaries would take over their care. This was a blessing for the families. Fewer persons involved in their care with fewer errors in regards to medications or procedures not getting done. My documentation became more accurate and was at the time of event, instead of when the shift was over, which I experienced in an eight hour shift. I was able to establish a rapport with families and children more intimately and felt I was better suited to take care of them, know their moods, routines, and behavior. A skilled nurse has the passion, or calling, for the role of taking care of others. While working 12 hour shifts it also gave me time to take care of myself as well, which so often we forget to do.



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