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Conman Systems Situation Analysis

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Essay Preview: Conman Systems Situation Analysis

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Problem statement: - Alice was given a new role as vice president of the public relations department in Conman Systems despite her expectations of being promoted as vice president of the marketing team. When she was told that in the restructuring plan of organization, the managing director Mr.Sen did not see any position she could fit in other than VP of PR, she was heartbroken and she told she would need a day to decide. Whether Alice should resign from the company or continue, if so in which role is the problem statement here.

Situation Analysis: Alice has faced constant discrimination for being a woman and had to prove herself regularly. She is left with a feeling of injustice at the end of the day when she is offered a new role, that she is not being treated well despite the efforts she has put in to increase the market share of the company. Though she is promoted in her position and it is not in the same vertical she is expecting, she felt her capabilities are doubted when a new person is recruited to fill her position.

Alternatives generated:

  1. To take the matter of discrimination against her to HR.
  2. To resign from the company.
  3. To continue in the PR department for a month and then resign if she did not like.
  4. To accept the new role and then continue as vice president of the PR department.
  5. To reject the new role and work under Manohar Naik.

Alternative selection:

Based on the alternatives generated, the first best option according to me is to take this matter to the HR department and seek justice. If the results of the discussion are in favor of Alice, then she can continue in the organization, this can include that she is willing to choose alternatives 3, 4,5 but on her own. This decision should be taken also considering the on how she would be treated later on. In case the decision is not in favor of Alice, she should resign from the company as in no way she should compromise her personal interests or values and should not submit.



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