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Construct and Argument

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Essay Preview: Construct and Argument

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The decision in choosing the MBA program took 4 years, simply because I was afraid of challenging myself. The job market was now catering to people who took that extra step that set them apart from others. I felt if I had the experience and no degree, I could land a good job, how wrong I was. I did manage to get an entry level job with a very good company and after 2 years of being turned down for job promotions, I wanted to find the barrier keeping me from promotions.

I could no longer be satisfied with a High School Diploma or my Bachelor's the way I saw things, something had to change, I could no longer be satisfied with what I had already accomplished, but I needed to do more. It didn't see it as not being able to get a job without a degree, but getting a better job with one. By improving technical skills, being marketable and maximizing my potential which will allow me to become a valuable commodity. Statistics show people with a High School Diploma compared to individuals with BS or higher is ranked in the United States.

After, realizing not having an MBA limited promotional opportunities with many fortune 500 companies, who no longer wanted applicants with a High School Diploma, AA and even a Bachelor's degree.

The advantages of having my MBA degree sets the tone, by committing to obtain a higher education level, better status in life, and setting my own career path.

I call it the MBA networking association which also the Professional Networking tool.

Even having the skills and the MBA, it is still who you know, and who knows you, without knowing anyone and skills and MBA only, I would probably get a management job rather than that entry level position. Not only has the MBA been a professional goal, but a personal one.

After speaking with some of my colleagues and finding out that most if not all had a degree of some kind, working on one, or in the process of obtaining their MBA or PHD. Then I reflected back on the number of promotions they had received, since they had been employed by the company.

I began to consider things like the types of jobs they had, compared to jobs I had, salary comparison, benefits that came with the jobs they had, times were changing, and I would be left behind.

My Jungian Personality says I am compulsive, organized, private, trust-worthy yet practical, and career choices would be office manager, business manager, tax agent or public servant which is rather weird, because I have had all of those jobs in the past and present.

Perception and how it affects decision making can be very costly for both business and personal. Both perceptions and decision making can sometime be influenced by family, friends, and peers. Managers makes decision without having all the facts just by their perception, that is when you know that feelings are involved which



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