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Consumer Behaviour Interview for Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone

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Essay Preview: Consumer Behaviour Interview for Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone

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This is a consumer behavior study for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. A consumer has been interviewed to uncover the buying behavior and the factors or motivation behind making the purchase. Several questions were posed to the consumer primarily regarding the characteristics of the decision process and

the individuals who were involved in the decision making process. Details were inquired regarding the role played by these individuals in the decision making process. Details were also sought regarding the attributes of the product which were most appealing to the consumer and which consequently influenced his purchase. Questions were asked about the various information sources referenced by the consumer during his market research prior to making the purchase. The consumer was asked about the various alternatives considered based on the attributes sought in the product. The criterion of evaluation of these alternatives was asked and the factors which led to the final selection of the product was inquired. Finally the consumer was asked if there was a tradeoff which needed to be made for the final product selection. The consumer was asked if the purchase was a utility centered buy or a prestige buy and the purchase point of the product. Using this data a marketer can understand the factors which most crucially influence the consumers buying behavior. They can arrive at meaningful conclusions regarding the market segmentation for the product and the segment to target for their specific product offering. Finally, they can decide upon the communication which will prove to the most effective in reaching the target market segment.



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