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Consumer Stakeholders and External Stakeholder Issues

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Essay Preview: Consumer Stakeholders and External Stakeholder Issues

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Restaurant employees should not have access to this box at all. The store does not have procedures that secure customer comments. This is related to Consumer Stakeholders and External Stakeholder issues. The major overriding issues are that the company does not provide the consumer with a secure input source. The consumer freedom to critic the serve is being violated, which can lead to the lose of customers.

The company does have policies in place but the procedures to ensure the procedure are followed are not developed. The sub issues here is that this is not just an incident that is individual. This is a situation that has been going on for a while now. This has nothing to do with race but customer service protection.Analysis/Evaluation The stakeholders in this case are the shareholders and investors, Employees and managers, Customers, Local Communities and the suppliers and other business partners. The Employees and managers can be affected by this situation because they are directly involved in the environment.

The amount of customers this location brings in affects their pay and bonuses. Customers are affect by the poor service and the lack of money for the community. Local communities will not want the restaurant there so that will effect the community value and growth. The suppliers and other business partners that rely on this company will be affected by its gains and losses. The legitimacy and urgency stakeholder attributes are being represented in this case. It is important the company is urgent about resolving this issue.

The ethical responsibility that Red Lobster has is to ensure that their employees practices behaviors and activities that are fair, just and are not prohibited by the law. The economic responsibilities are to provide goods at a fair price and quality for the economy. They also have a legal responsibility to provide a fair practices. The fact that the prime rib was a known problem the company could have not charged the customer and that would have the situation. The philanthropic responsibilities were not mentioned in this situation therefore we will not be able to analysis them.Recommendations/ Conclusion In conclusion, this situation was the fault of the company actions.

The company should have not served the prime rib when knowing there was a problem cooking it properly. This could have caused even illnesses. And also they should have a securer means for customer to comment. They did not protect the interest of their customers. Firing the waitress was just a cover up for their poor business practices. I would recommend that the company have the comment box key secured like they do the safe key.

Provide a better feed back system for comments. Also, if they are unable to provide quality serve with a product make it known to the consumer and have them make a knowledgeable purchase decision.

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