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Contribution from the Beginners

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Essay Preview: Contribution from the Beginners

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No sooner had I started the search engine than I was able to realize, much ink has been spilled on the issue that the contribution from the beginners. Some people tend to hold the view that the beginner is more likely than the expert to make important contributions since they do not constrain by regular rules. However, there are some other people holding totally opposite idea that experts will make more contributions since they have more knowledge about a particular field. From my point of view, I do think beginners is more easier to make some significant contributions.

First of all, we should admit that most experts will be restrained by some normal rules which will make them cannot jump out the regular thoughts. It was because they have studied in this field for so long that they no longer can come up with some new excellent ideas. And the longer time they research on one field, the more they will be restrained. I really want to take Kodak as an example. When I was a child, Kodak was the biggest film company in the world. my mom always bought the camera and film from it. However, it was because the appearance of the digital camera that film camera no longer be used by many people. As a result, Kodak company just hired an expert to reclassify the company in order to increase the revenue. However, this manager failed to help the Kodak since he was strained by the old Kodak’s management method and could not come up with the brand new one. So he just suggested Kodak to follow the old way since he could not innovate much. In the end, Kodak was bankrupt in the 2013. From this, we can know that as long as we break the diagram, we became the hero. We must continuously seek to innovation and make progress.

What’s more, for the beginners, they do not have much knowledge about this field so they will do anything that they think are right. In the end, they will probably make some huge progresses in this field. I really want to take Steve Jobs as an example. We all know that Steve Jobs was the founder of the Apple Company and he made so much contribution to the current society. Nevertheless, when he was in the university, he was quitted from the college and started his own small business with little basic knowledge about computer. He just bought some used elements and composed them together in order to make his own computer with his partner. At first, he was not successful at all since he only had few knowledge about computer. However, it was because his innovation and attaining much knowledge after that he created the first iMac in the world. This really changed the world a lot till nowadays. From his example, we can realize that some beginners will make some contributions just because they do not limited in the ordinary situation. ()

However, we should make sure that the beginners should at least know some basic knowledge about this field in order to make some huge contributions. If this beginner do not know anything about this field, he will definitely fail. And sometimes experts will make outstanding contributions since they not only do not constrain by their old thoughts but also can use their knowledge to innovation. Darwin can be an excellent example here. Darwin traveled around the world for more than ten years and collect thousands of samples in each continent. What’s more, he read lots of book of the development of the species and thought about them carefully. He was already an expert in this field before the publication of On the Origin of Species. And this book was a huge contribution to the human beings. (科学进步,不断探索,永不放弃)



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