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Corporate Governance and Business Ethics - Nokia Corporation

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Essay Preview: Corporate Governance and Business Ethics - Nokia Corporation

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Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Module No: MS00020

Chosen Company: Nokia Corporation


For this assignment I have picked Nokia organisation. Reason for selecting this particular organisation to furnish my assignment on is that the Nokia organisation and the product has been my favourite. Having influenced and experience about the product and to go through some research for its organisation going to be even more interesting factor for this assignment to go through, and further knowledge about the corporate social approach and activities.

For Nokia there are many principals to follow for their sustainability of the organisation, like understanding the customer need, using technology, keeping ahead of competition and co-ordinating marketing activities. Apart from that, there are several factors like corporate social approach, business ethics and proper managing them are equally important.

Nokia is committed to providing attributes of the product can consume energy, material use, packaging and disassembling and recycling practices. The distribution of declaration should be user friendly for its stakeholder and supportive ethical issues. The organization mission statement suggests that one small step at a time can contribute care for environment in global concept. Further, the corporation valid and important issues to discuss and manage has been running through work in environmental issues for past quit few years, furthermore it will continue to evolve other ethical grounding of supply chain in coming future as well. Never the less Nokia is trying to indulge its total part in the management of these issues in a serious manner in cooperation with all prospective stakeholders.

Company's Background:

The use of commercial mobile phone manufacturing organization is a relatively new one starting out in couple of decades, but the number of subscribers and the majority of services which was offered by mobile devices have sharply increased since last decade. Mobile phones started to get more smarter and complicated as well, in order to keep up with this fast evolution of software and industry. The development of new software has developed many features of these mobile phones, such as its excess of connectivity, multi touch menus, multi megapixel cameras and high definition (HD) video playbacks.

Nokia Corporation is the world's biggest manufacturer of mobiles which is mainly based in Finland.



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